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Cleveland SEO Company Top Picks

Which team is set to be the top SEO Company in Cleveland? We give you the details on those you should contact if you have search engine optimization needs, but first let’s give you some info…cleveland SEO

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a strategy one uses to get ranked on the major search engines. Most strategists focus on getting their clients found on Google, in particular. SEO is considered a type of internet marketing and is very specialized. Most colleges do not offer education in this area, so many experts have learned in the field. Chuck Mendel of Houston SEO Tigers says “I had to learn this particular skill from trial and error and a whole lot of money on private coaching.”

How do I pick a good firm?

Picking a good SEO firm is tricky. You want to ensure that the company is knowledgeable in this particular field. Make sure they are charging you enough money. Ask if they build all their links themselves or use automated strategies. Ask how many on the team will be working on your case as well as how many hours per week they will spend. Finally, getting recommendations from other business owners who have used their services is a great place to start.


#1 SEO Company in Cleveland:

Kristin Harris SEO is the best company in the Cleveland area. This was decided with unanimous votes by a panel of 10 internet marketing experts. You can find Kristin Harris SEO at this website here or see their SEO sales video on Youtube. They also have an office in the Akron Ohio area:

#2 Firm:

Cleveland SEO: The Cleveland SEO just recently went full time with his business. He is a talented one man gang of sorts. You can find him by calling: (216) 214-5216.

With these two top firms, you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. We hope this helps in your Google domination quest!



Anti Snoring Devices for Sleep

What are the best devices to help with snoring? I know this topic hits home for a lot of our readers. Do you have a partner that snores and keeps you up at night? Or perhaps you are the one keeping your loved ones up at night. In today’s post, I wanted to offer up a quick guide to the best anti-snore devices for sleep. More specifically, I wanted to cover devices that fit in the mouth and help put a damper on snoring.


By far, one of the top stop-snoring mouthguards, Zyppah offers a dual-action remedy for snoring. Check out a review of anti snoring devices.  You can also see a Zyppah video here. See their site at

Pure Sleep

Pure Sleep is an up and coming device that just hit the market. You can check out their website here. A great thing about this product is that you can check it out for 30 days before you purchase. Not a bad deal!

These are two devices that I would definitely check out!

Phone Ambulance


5969 Mayfield RoadMayfield Heights OH 44124

(440) 584-0107

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dropped your cell phone in the toilet or on the floor…if you’ve ever had your screen crack or just anything go wrong with your phone. I know tons of people that have felt stranded when their phone broke. Wouldn’t you love to have a phone repair place right around the corner?

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